wills vacuum cleaner reviews

By William | February 5, 2014


My name is William Marcus and my friends call me Will.Will Marcus

As a professional Carpet Cleaning Technician (recently retired), certified by the IICRC, I spend a lot of time pushing around a Vacuum Cleaner which happens to be the first really important step in cleaning any carpet.

In any kind of business you want the best equipment possible to be able to do the job quickly, with as little effort as possible, and minimal down-time for repairs and maintenance.

So over the years I have learned what kind of vacuum cleaner works best for just about every task such as vacuuming carpet, hardwood floors, stairs, removing stubborn pet hair, difficult to reach places, etc.

One thing I know for sure is there are some excellent vacuum cleaners available for just about any cleaning situation and there is also some real junk out there too.

My customers often ask me for information about the best vacuum for their house or situation so I have created this Blog to hopefully pass along what I have learned about floor cleaning appliances and products to hopefully assist you in making a better informed decision.

Thank you for visiting!

Blessings, Will