Best Cordless Wet Dry Vacuums

best cordless wet dry vacuums

By William | January 14, 2019

Finding the Best Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum for your Home or Business!

I always look forward to working on a project in my home workshop. One thing for certain, no matter how large or small the project might be, a mess is going to be made. A good wet/dry shop vacuum is especially suited for dealing with those kind of messes in that environment. The only problem is that a typical plug-in corded wet/dry vac can take up a lot of room and they’re not very handy to use if your mess isn’t close by a receptacle. And besides, who wants to drag out an extension cord when it’s time to make your mess go away?

And what about those occasional wet messes from spills or leaks; taking care of them quickly can make the difference in a minor mess becoming a costly repair job. A top quality cordless wet/dry shop vacuum is not only a lot more convenient to use than a corded shop vac, it’s a practical tool you will find yourself using regularly for workshop as well as household applications.



One Battery Pack for Multiple Tools

One Big Happy Family of Tools!

Almost every home has an assortment of power tools to fix things and make our homes better. When it comes to cordless products it can get quite expensive. In some cases an 18V to 25V battery can cost as much as the tool itself.Cordless power tool series

To address that issue, some of the most familiar and reputable tool manufactures have created a line of battery powered product that operates with the same battery pack and charger system. This concept makes so much sense, especially for folks like me that have a whole garage full of power tools. It enables you to purchase one tool and one battery pack and then expand your inventory with new tools as needed without having to pay for a new battery pack. This idea not only saves us money, it helps save our environment also. Fortunately for us, cord-free wet/dry vacuums are gradually being added to these tool lines.

When you spill a drink on the living room carpet, you want to remove the liquid as quickly as possible before it penetrates down into the padding or sub-floor.

Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuums In the Workplace!

A Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum can help you be more productive at your workplace or on the job site.

If you are a contractor or service person and you’ve have been considering a Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum for your work, you will find it’s an indispensable tool you won’t want to be without. They are ideal for the plumber who deals with both wet and dry messes. An installer will be able to finish a job quicker with a highly-portable cord free wet/dry shop vacuum, enabling him/her to move on to another customer. The contractor will appreciate the utility of a battery powered shop vac; to be able to deal with messes outdoors where an electrical outlet can be hard to find.

The convenience of having a cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum available can save you so much time so you can focus on your word and not the distraction of cleaning up the mess you make.

Cordless VS 120V Household Power

When considering purchasing a cordless wet/dry vacuum one of the main questions most people ask is: How does the suction power compare to a plug-in shop vac; is it powerful enough to really be practical?

I have been reviewing and testing household battery-powered vacuum cleaners since they became popular several years ago. One of the ways I evaluate a product is to scrutinize customer reviews to see if I can detect a cordless wet dry vac vs 120v corded wet dry vaccommon complaint.

What I have found is that about 90% of negative customer reviews are due to (A) Lack of power and (B) Low operating time.

And more often than not the reason they experience low suction power is because they don’t keep the filter/s clean like the instruction manual clearly recommends. Or, they don’t properly charge the batteries to full capacity.

Most of us who have been using cordless power tools realize that BATTERY OPERATED tools have limited power and limited running time. They are simply not an equal substitute for a full-size 120V Corded PLUG-IN tool, including wet/dry vacuums!

This of course is the trade-off for the exceptional convenience of cord-free operation and portability. This trade-off means not having to unwind a power cord each time you need to clean up a mess or making sure there’s a power outlet nearby.

As long as you keep your expectations real you will be delighted with your new cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum. They are just so much more convenient than a plug-in wet and dry vacuum!


As manufactures keep expanding their cordless tool series it can get a bit confusing trying to match up a cordless wet/dry vacuum with the right battery pack and charger. I have carefully reviewed each of the products below and matched up the correct Battery Packs and Chargers for you.

Each model is different and has its own set of positive features as well as some negative issues that I have noted so there won’t be any surprises. These are the Best Cordless Wet Dry Vacuums currently available!

Keep in mind; these Product Listings are for the TOOL ONLY. If you don’t already own compatible battery packs or chargers you will need to purchase them also. You will see the links to these items listed under SPECS, Power Source.

Please NOTE: For your convenience and to save you time, I have arranged each of my Recommendations Side-by-Side so you can compare features, specs, and price. At the BOTTOM of each column you can CLICK to read a detailed description of each model. Or, you can simply SCROLL down to descriptions and skip the Comparison Table.

Model Milwaukee M18 2 Gal. 18-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum (Tool-Only)PORTER-CABLE PCC795B 20V MAX Wet/Dry Vacuum (Tool Only), 2 gallonRIDGID 3 gal. 18V Cordless Handheld Wet Dry VacRyobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum
Battery Voltage18v20v18v18v
Approx. Runtime30+ minutes15 minutes7 to 10 minutes15 minutes
Accessories 6 ft. Flexible Hose, Utility Nozzle, Crevice Tool, and HEPA Filter Replacement Wet/Dry HEPA FilterWide Nozzle, Crevice Tool, 1 ¼” dia. X 7ft. 8in. hose, Replaceable and Washable Cartridge FilterWide nozzle, crevice tool, 1-1/4" dia. X 7-ft 8" hose, washable cartridge filter1-7/8" dia. x 7 ft. x hose, crevice tool, floor nozzle, cartridge style filter, (2) extension wands
Recommended for:Home/business workshop, tradesman, contractor and service personalHome/business workshop, tradesman, contractor and service personalHome/business workshop, tradesman, contractor and service personalHome/business workshop, tradesman, contractor and service personal
Weight9.4 lb7.22 lb7.9 lb15 lb
Air Volume CFM4534 6080
Hose Size1-1/4 in. x 6 ft.1-1/4" dia. X 7ft. 8"1-7/8" dia. X 2 ft. to 7 ft.1-7/8" dia. x 7 ft.
Overall DimensionsW11" x H15" x L18.5" Stackable17 x 11.9 x 13.9 inches StackableW9.12" x H15.88" x L16.44 inchesW17.25" x H19.50" x L23.50"
FilterHEPA filter includedCartridge type, includedCartridge type, includedCartridge type, included
Blower FeatureBuilt-in blower portNoNoNo
Warranty5 Year Manufactures Warranty3 Year Manufactures WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty3 Year Manufactures Warranty

Milwaukee M18 2 Gal. 18-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

My first recommendation is the Milwaukee M18 2 Gal. 18-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum and here are theMilwaukee M18 2 Gallon 18 Volt Lithium ion Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum reasons why:

Milwaukee Tools has been in business for over 85 years. They have established a solid reputation for manufacturing industrial quality tools that do the job and last. I personally own numerous Milwaukee power tools and not one of them has let me down.

The M18 2 Gal. 18-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum is part of the Milwaukee M18 System of tools that all use the same 18 volt battery pack. It is designed for commercial applications but also is an excellent choice for the shop, garage, or for around the house. It’s an excellent tool to have on board your boat for normal clean ups or for a leaky bilge. A 1 ¼” dia. hose will handle just about any mess; wet or dry.

This battery-powered wet/dry vac produces 45 CF per min. and 32 in. of water lift. That’s enough suction to remove a water spill from deep pile carpet. Or suck up heavy debris such as metal or wood chips in the shop.

Milwaukee M18 2 Gal. 18 Volt Lithium ion Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum cleans dry messesThe Milwaukee M18 is built in (3) compartments: The top compartment houses the 6 ft. flexible hose, crevice tool, utility nozzle when not in use. The middle compartment houses the powerful DC motor and vacuum pump. And the bottom compartment serves as the dirt or liquid reservoir. It’s easily emptied by simply opening the latch to separate it from the rest of the machine and dumping the contents.

One of the benefits of the Milwaukee M18 Wet/Dry is that it holds a whopping 2 gallons. That’s enough capacity to handle a day’s worth of mess in the average home workshop, and yet small enough to be handy to carry around and not take up too much valuable space. It’s a lot of capacity for portable operation at a job site where there are no 120V power outlets.


  • 3 Level Tool Box Design
  • Built-in Blower port
  • 1 ¼ in. Dia. Hose Diameter
  • 2 Gallon Capacity
  • HEPA-Level Filtration
  • Up to 30 min. of Runtime
  • Included: 0880-20 2 Gallon wet/dry cordless Vacuum, 6 ft. Flexible Hose, Utility Nozzle, Crevice Tool, and HEPA Filter Replacement Wet/Dry HEPA Filter Model# 49-90-1900l
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

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Milwaukee M18 2 Gal 18 Volt Lithium ion Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum comes with 6 ft flexible and toolsThe Milwaukee M18 2 Gal. 18-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum is professional grade. It’s built for the serious tradesman or service person who demands a highly portable, reliable and rugged tool. Or, for the casual DIY’er who wants the convenience of cord-free operation in the shop or around the house.

I really like the tool box design that enables you to store the hose and tools in the top instead of having the hose dangle down like some other vacuums. The design makes it easy to carry around or to store in a corner or to set down in a service van.

The suction power is excellent and the runtime with the 5.0 Ah Battery is sufficient. Or you have the option of upgrading to 30 min. with the 9.0 Ah battery.

If you have been considering a Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum the Milwaukee 0880-20 2 is an excellent choice!

Check Price of Milwaukee M18 2 Gallon 18 Volt Lithium ion Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum at amazon




PORTER-CABLE PCC795B 20V MAX Wet/Dry Vacuum 2 Gallon Cordless Shop Vacuum

Porter Cable has been building quality power tools since 1906. For the last few years they have developed theirPORTER CABLE PCC795B 20V MAX Wet Dry Cordless Shop Vacuum 20v MAX Tool System that includes the PCC795B Wet/Dry Vacuum and many other quality cord-free power tools.

One of the features I really like about this wet & dry vac is the way the hose and accessories are stored. Their very well integrated into the body of the vacuum that keep them secured and out of the way, and yet handy when needed. Flex hoses have always been a pain to deal with but you will love the way the PCC795B 7.67 ft. long hole stores.

The exhaust port is located at 90 degrees to the suction port which makes it very easy to switch to using it as a blower.

PORTER CABLE PCC795B 20V MAX Wet Dry Cordless Shop Vacuum is handy for shop and home renovationAnother thing you will appreciate is the PORTER-CABLE PCC795B Wet/Dry utilizes a Sealed ON/OFF Switch to eliminate dust or water infiltration. It’s is located where it should be; at the front of the handle for easy access.

The storage tank is easy to separate by unsnapping two retaining latches.


  • Part of the growing PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Tool System
  • Powerful 34 CFM suction for quick cleanups
  • Portable 2-gallon tank with wet/dry versatility
  • 7ft. 8in. hose with a wraparound storage solution
  • Onboard accessory storage for convenience
  • INCLUDES: (1) PC PCC795B 2 Gal. Vacuum (1) Wide Nozzle (1) Crevice Tool (1) 1 ¼” dia. X 7ft. 8in. hose (1) Replaceable and Washable Cartridge Filter
  • 3 Years Warranty

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The PORTER-CABLE PCC795B 20V MAX Wet/Dry Vacuum is an excellent choice for service persons or contractors who need the convenience of cordless operation. This is a well-designed tool with lots of helpful features.

It has plenty of hose length to be able to set on the floor or ground and reach up to a work area. It’s very easy to switch to blower mode. The sealed ON/OFF Switch is especially important for cleaning in damp/wet areas. 2 gallon capacity is a good compromise of convenience vs portability.


    1. What I don’t like about the PC PCC795B is that the 34 CU ft. per min. suction volume is a bit anemicPORTER CABLE PCC795B 20V MAX Wet Dry Cordless Shop Vacuum is good choice for contractor for picking up large debris. It is however adequate for most applications including wet vacuuming.
    2. There is NO Fuel gauge on the vacuum or the battery, although I don’t think that’s a deal breaker for most of us.
    3. As fine dust begins to accumulate on the filter the motor will begin to lag. This is a symptom all cordless shop vacs will display. The solution is to make it a habit of cleaning the filter regularly as the Operators Manual suggests.

I really like the PORTER-CABLE PCC795B 20V MAX Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum. Although it’s not perfect, it still offers the convenience of cord-free operation. It’s very handy to use and its part of the PC 20V MAX Tool System. Also, the price is pleasantly lower than the completion! Check it out!

Check Price of PORTER CABLE PCC795B 20V MAX Wet Dry Cordless Shop Vacuum at amazon




Ridgid WD0319 18-volt 3 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum 

When it comes to quick clean ups around the shop, jobsite, or anywhere else, suction power is king! The Ridgid Ridgid 18 volt 3 Gallon Cordless Wet dry VacuumWD0319 is currently the most powerful cordless wet/dry vacuum available producing 60 CF per minute of air flow. It operates with all Ridgid 18V Lithium-Ion Batteries. It’s part of the Ridgid (27) cordless power tool series.

The Ridgid WD0319 18-volt 3 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vac is very portable and lightweight at only 7.9 lbs. The large arching handle is especially suited for carrying while vacuuming around vehicles or the shop.

The Dusting Brush works very well for cleaning out cars or saw dust. The Multi Tool Car Nozzle is ideal for getting in tight places in vehicles or anywhere space is very limited.
Ridgid WD0319 18 volt 3 Gal Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum is light weight for easy portability
Cordless operation makes the WD0319 the ideal tool for cleaning up around the jobsite or any place where there isn’t a handy electrical outlet.

This portable cordless wet/dry vac holds up to 3 Gallons before requiring emptying. It has the necessary power to be used for challenging situations like unstopping a clogged drain (in many cases). The Ridgid WD0319 can also be used as a blower which can come in handy at times.

Although it has powerful suction, there is a simple slide valve on the hose end to regulate the suction as needed.


  • Works with all RIDGID 18-volt batteries
  • On/off switch located under the handle to prevent accidental activation
  • 1-7/8 in. dia. expandable locking hose expands from 2 ft. to 7 ft. for maximum reach w/ variable suction valve to adjust cleaning power
  • Built-in accessory storage for the expandable hose and the multi-purpose nozzle
  • Includes: Ridgid WD0319 cordless wet/dry vacuum, Car Nozzle, Dusting Brush, Expandable Locking Hose, Filter
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Check Out this Cool Review VIDEO by Workshop Addict!


The Ridgid WD0319 is currently the most powerful cordless wet/dry vacuum available with 60 CFM of air volume. That’s 15 more than the Milwaukee M18.

Ridgid 18 volt 3 Gallon Cordless Wet dry Vacuum is good for cleaning cars Lightweight, portable, and flexible are the greatest features of this product. It has plenty of capacity to save emptying frequently. Although the 7 to 10 min. runtime is not as long as some other products, its sufficient to accomplish most jobs around the shop or work site. That run time can be upgraded with the Optional 5 Ah battery. And of course you can always carry along an extra battery pack to double operating time.


The door and hinges to the battery compartment are on the flimsy side so care should be taken when opening and closing.

Although the filter is not HEPA rated, it does remove down to .5 micron size particles or 99% of fine dust. That’s probably not a big deal for home use but the professional who happens to be exposed to potentially harmful dust may want to consider the Milwaukee M18 instead.Overall, the performance and usability of the Ridgid WD0319 is excellent. The quality is decent and it should endure day to day commercial use and be more than adequate for home shop use.
Check Price of Ridgid 18 volt 3 Gallon Cordless Wet dry Vacuum at amazon




Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum 

The Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum is one of Ryobi’s newest additions to their growing ONE+Ryobi 18 Volt ONE plus 6 Gallon Cordless Wet Dry shop Vacuum Cordless Tool Series. The Ryobi brand has become synonymous with quality, sensibly priced power tools.

The most obvious feature of this quality battery powered Wet/Dry vacuum is the size and plus it has wheels. Unlike the other top rated vacs in this article, the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum is intended to replace a corded wet & dry vacuum, only with the convenience of cord-free operation.

This vacuum includes a 1 7/8 dia. X 7 foot hose plus a 2 piece wand which makes it ideal for tackling messes and spill on the floor or above. Weighing in at a beefy 16 lbs., the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ is a handful to carry, but the well-designed 3 wheel carriage enables it to follow you anywhere.
Ryobi 18 Volt ONE plus 6 Gallon Cordless Wet Dry shop Vacuum can clean floors or above areas
When it’s time to clean up the hose and attachments are conveniently stowed on the top and held in place with bungee cords.

And when it comes to suction power, the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gal. Cordless Vac won’t disappoint. 80 CFM of air flow volume generated by the strong DC motor is more than enough to pick up sawdust, chips, shavings, and heavy large debris. Or, remove the large filter and use it to drain the swamp. It holds a whopping 6 Dry Gallons of dust, dirt, and debris. Wet capacity will be less because of the large filter.

You can expect up to 15 minutes of Run Time with a Ryobi 4AH which is plenty of time to tackle most jobs. Carry along an extra battery already charged up to double the run time. The best deal is to go with the Twin Pack!  SEE: Specs below


  • No-tip wheel design with 360-degree mobility to help balance vacuum
  • Includes: On-board storage for nozzle, wands, and hose
  • Compatible with over 125+ RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Tools
  • Warranty 3 Year Tool Warranty

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  • Because of the large 6 gallon capacity and 16 lbs. weight it is less easy to carry and fit into tight places.

The Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6 Gal. Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum is the perfect combination of power and Ryobi 18 Volt ONE plus 6 Gallon Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum stores hose and accessoriesportability. This is the ideal wet/dry vac use in the basement, garage, work shop, or office. Anywhere messes are likely to happen, the Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ ARE an excellent option. It is as large as some of the Plug In shop vacuums so space should be a consideration.

The follow-along wheels, large capacity, and versatility make this vacuum an excellent choice for cleaning vehicles. The Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ is the best cordless wet/dry vacuum currently available for car detailing. It’s a real time saver and represents excellent value!

Check Price of Ryobi 18 Volt ONE plus 6 Gallon Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum at amazon


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