By William | July 7, 2019

Will’s Vacuum Cleaner Reviews!

Wills Vacuum Cleaner ReviewsYou have come to the right place to find reliable information about vacuum cleaners! My vacuum cleaner reviews will provide you with accurate, up to date information to help you make the best choice.

Hi, my name is Will Marcus and I am a retired IICRC Floor Care professional with years of experience cleaning all types of floors with all types of equipment and products.

I just love helping people take better care of their floors and assisting them in finding that just right vacuum cleaner! There are just so many models to choose from; and with all the confusing advertising it can be very frustrating to make the right choice.

My goal is to assist you in your search by providing reliable and up-to-date information and recommendations for selecting the best vacuum cleaner and floor care products.

Information Overload!

so much information
I fully understand how easy it is to develop “Information Overload” while researching vacuum cleaners. There are just so many models to choose from.

On this website you will find only top-rated, tried-and-proven vacuum models that have been carefully researched, evaluated, and reviewed.

I provide Side-by-Side Comparisons so you can compare features of similar vacuums.  This information will help make your selection even easier and faster.

You will find most types of vacuum cleaners reviewed and recommended here that include bagged and bagless uprights, canister, stick, handheld, robotic, and cordless vacuums from the top manufactures.

My Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

No vacuum cleaner manufacture or seller gives me their vacuum cleaner to review.  I purchase them with my own money and test them on my own floors without prejudice or influence.  My house has all the different elements including carpet, area rugs, hardwood, tile flooring, and stairs.  And, just like 68 per cent of US households, I share my home with pets.

I happen to reside in the sunny state of Georgia where there is plenty of dirt including our infamous Georgia red clay.  Each vacuum is put to the test in real world conditions so you will know how it will perform in your home.

My Qualifications

You can find opinions about almost any vacuum cleaner model online including blogs, consumer research sites, and shopping sites.  There are some very competent independent reviewers online that do an excellent job providing accurate information about vacuums.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand vacuum cleaner technology and make a relevant recommendation.

It does take a serious commitment to helping shoppers make an informed decision.

IICRC Certification certificate for floor care technicianI spent years as a floor care professional with IICRC Certification as a Floor Care Technician.  I was required to attend comprehensive seminars for carpet and hardwood floor cleaning and pass each exam.

Spending countless hours operating vacuum cleaners and other floor care equipment gave me insight as to how the function and what works best.  Being able to observe the condition of a customer’s floor and the vacuum cleaner they used gave me a unique perspective.  It enabled me to see which brands cleaned the best and lasted the longest.

I learned that it’s not enough for a vacuum cleaner just to perform well; it’s just as important for a it to be easy to operate.  If a vacuum is difficult or unpleasant to operate it’s probably not going to get used as often as it should.  That can cause unnecessary premature ware on carpet or hard floors.  Dirt is very destructive to any floor.

That’s why its important to select a machine that will not only perform well, but is easy to operate also.

Different Vacuums for Different Homes

Everybody’s home is different!  Your home might be large or small.  I might be a ranch type floor plan with only one floor; or it might be multi-level with stairs.  Your floors might be tile, stone, Vinyl, Engineered, or hardwood with some carpet or area rugs.   That’s why it’s important to choose the best type of vacuum for your home.vacuum cleaner types

I review all types of vacuums, including corded upright, canister, and stick vacuums, and robotic.  Cordless stick and handheld vacuums are also reviewed.

You might be searching for the latest top rated vacuum with all the bells and whistles, or perhaps an inexpensive vacuum is totally sufficient for your needs.

I want you to be able to decide whether or not a certain vacuum is RIGHT FOR YOU – whether it will do what YOU need it to do.

Check out my Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

How I Review

In each review you will learn how the vacuum cleaner performed in a real life situation. My reviews evaluate:

  • How well vacuum performed on various floor types
  • Above-floor cleaning capability
  • Gauging the User Friendliness (how easy or difficult product is to operate)
  • Functionality of features
  • Filtration effectiveness
  • Maintenance issues
  • How well it performs compared to other vacuum cleaners I have tested
  • Overall product quality
  • Customer reviews or feedback

Compare Vacuum Cleaners

I understand how difficult it is to keep track of a lot of information, especially when you are considering multiple products. That’s why I try and provide Side-by-Side Comparison tables for similar vacuum cleaners – listing the important features, specifications, and important differences. This will enable you to filter down the most suitable candidates to your short list.

Tables include a LINK to a full review so you can jump right to the one that’s best rated, or has the longest cord or dirt-holding capacity – or whatever your criteria might be.

Primary Function of a Vacuum Cleaner

As an IICRC Certified floor care professional (recently retired), each time I would start a carpet cleaning job for a new customer, I always observed the condition of the carpet while running my vacuum cleaner (A thorough vacuuming is the first operation in performing a professional carpet cleaning job.)

The primary function of a vacuum cleaner is to remove as much loose gritty dirt, debris, and hair from your home as possible.  Its that gritty dirt that damages your carpet’s fibers, causing shading and actually cutting the fibers.

If I observed an excessive amount of loose dirt in my customer’s carpet I felt a responsibility to point it out to my customer.   I would offer them some info that would help them do a better job of keeping their carpet cleaner on a day-to-day basis.  And of course, would require having the best vacuum cleaner for their particular flooring situation.

Important Issues to Consider when Selecting a Vacuum Cleaner


I have been an animal lover all my life and have almost always had pets in my home – pets that include cats, dogs, and birds. But pets that shed hair present an even more difficult challenge for a vacuum cleaner. Finding the Best Pet Hair Vacuum is essential if you share your home with a cat or dog.


If you or someone in your home are unfortunate to suffer with allergies or other respiratory issues you want a vacuum cleaner that is Allergy-Friendly.  Your new vacuum should have a HEPA-Level filtration system to trap those nasty offenders.

Not only is your carpet a catch-all for unwanted dirt and debris but it also serves as a giant filter.  It actually does a pretty good job of capturing allergens including dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold and mildew. That’s a good thing!

However, stirring up these culprits while cleaning could trigger an allergic event. Not a good thing! That’s why it’s important to select a vacuum cleaner equipped with a Sealed HEPA Filtration System that will trap up to 99.9% of allergens.


If your home is multi-level then portability is a significant consideration.  If it will be necessary to transport your vacuum up or down stairs you want to make sure you can handle the weight.  There are light-weight vacuums available for just such situation.

Capacity and Range

If your home is large you should be sure your new vacuum has adequate dirt-holding capacity.  Otherwise, you will find yourself having to stop and empty too often.

Another limiting factor is cord length.  Make sure the vacuum you choose has a long enough cord to minimize having to stop and change receptacles.  I recommend at least 25 feet for a medium to large home.

Of course there are other issues to consider such as your physical ability, storage, and portability.

I hope you find exactly the right vacuum cleaner for your home.