Turn your Old Vacuum into a Great Hardwood Floor Vacuum

By William | December 22, 2015


How to turn your Old Vacuum Cleaner into a Great Hardwood Floor Vacuum for LESS than $20!

So many homes now are built or updated with beautiful hardwood floors. But keeping them clean requires a vacuum cleaner with special design features to work safely and effectively.

If you already own a good canister or upright vacuum that does a good job on your carpeting and don’t want to spend up to hundreds of $$ for a new vacuum to clean your hardwood floors – here is a simple, highly effective, and cheap solution.

Why spend hundreds of $$ to be able to vacuum your hardwood floors when it may not be necessary?

Simply place this attachment that is specially designed for Hardwood Floors on any 1 &1/4 INCH Wand and you have solved your hardwood floor vacuum needs!

Hardwood floor attachment






Check Out this Demo VIDEO!

This well-made Floor Brush has Natural Horse Hair bristles that most floor-care professionals agree work best on hardwood floors.

It has Rubber Wheels that keep it at exactly the right height above your floor surface for maximum suction.

Notice the intermittent notches in the front row of bristles to allow debris like pet food past the bristles into the vacuum channel.

It has a swivel neck that makes it super easy to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles.
The GREEN LABLE Deluxe Hardwood Floor Brush will fit most Hoover, BISSELL, Eureka, Shark, and Dyson vacuum cleaner models as well as some other imports.

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Grab this Dusting Brush while your at it!

While you’re at it grab this excellent Dusting Brush with natural Horse Hair Bristles. This attachment works fantastic for dusting base boards, corners, and other areas. It fits all 1 & 1/4″ Inch Wands.
Dusting Brush detail dusting brush








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These excellent Hardwood Floor Attachments are rugged and should last for years!

Check Your Wand for Fit

Make sure your vacuum cleaner Wand measures 1 1/4″ Outside Diameter or 31.75mm.

measure one and one quarter Inch Wand

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