Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028, Review

Kenmore Elite SSV 2 in 1 Complete DS6028 Review

By William Marcus | February 6, 2020

Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 Cordless Vacuum


Overall Cleaning Performance




User Friendliness


Build Quality


Overall Value



  • Very good cleaning performance on hard floors and low to medium carpet
  • Telescoping for long overhead cleaning
  • Flexible charging system
  • HEPA Filtration is 99.97% effective
  • Long Hair Cut feature for entangled hair


  • Not free-standing
  • Relatively short run time

A Hands-On Review of the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum, Model DS6028!

In this product review I will be discussing the build quality, features, usability, and cleaning performance ofKenmore Elite SSV 2 in 1 Complete Cordless Vacuum review the new Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 Cordless Stick Vacuum.

Product Description

The Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 is a mid-level Cordless Stick Vacuum that offers some high-tech features, cleaning performance, and versatility typically found on models priced several hundred dollars higher. It comes with features especially designed for pet owners.

Kenmore – the Company

Kenmore is the appliance division of the Sears Corporation. For over a century Kenmore was renowned for offering high quality, dependable appliances in their stores across the United States. Although the brick and motor presence of Sears has given way to their online marketing, it still maintains an excellent reputation for its products.


I was attracted to the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 the first time I saw it.  Two very obvious features caught my eye that demanded a closer look.

I have been critical of other models I have reviewed because of the dust cup arrangement.  Many of them are clear plastic cylinders that hang down from the main body with a plastic trap door attached to the cylinder with a plastic hinge.  Watch out!  That arrangement makes it vulnerable to breaking it the machine is dropped.

But the Kenmore Elite SSV has the dust cup designed to be an integral part of the main body that gives it protection.  And the trap door is also protected being recessed and having a substantial hinge.

The telescoping wand is an obvious improvement when it comes to cordless stick vacuums.  Of course, there’s a lot more to take into consideration when deciding if the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 is the right product for your needs.

What’s In the Box?

Whats in the box of the Kenmore Elite SSV 2 in 1 Complete Cordless VacuumThe Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 is neatly packaged in a compartmentalized box.  The total box and contents weight 16.1 lbs.

Included in the Box: Kenmore Elite SSV main body, (1) Carpet Nozzle, (1) Hard Floor Nozzle, (1) 25.2 Volt Lithium-ion Battery, Motorized Pet PowerMate, Combo Dusting Brush/Crevice Tool, Wall mount/Charging Station, Charger, and Operator’s Manual.

Build Quality

The first thing I do when reviewing a new vacuum cleaner is inspect the overall quality of the product. The quality of the plastic injection molded parts that make up the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete Cordless Vacuum are all good. The individual parts fit together to form a solid unit.

I found that the wand and accessories are somewhat tight when attaching them to the vacuum intake port and removing them.

The wheels on the floor nozzle cleaning heads have rubber-like tires to prevent scratching floors.

Build Quality Score 4.2/5

User Friendliness and Functionality 

The Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 Cordless Vacuum has a solid feel in your hand. The over molded grip not only looks good but it makes gripping it more comfortable and helps reduce fatigue.

Swivel Steering

Kenmore Elite SSV 2 in 1 Complete Cordless Vacuum features a telescoping wand extends vacuum to 48 inches overall
The Telescoping Wand Features can extend the Kenmore Elite SSV to 48″ Overall

The swivel steering mechanism designed into the floor nozzles works well and allows the operator to turn 180 degrees with a twist of the wrist.  It makes the machine is easy to control and it very easy to maneuver around obstacles. It tracks well in a straight line on both carpet and hard floors.

Above Floor and Overhead Cleaning

The Kenmore Elite SSV is very lightweight at only 6.0 pounds fully assembled which makes it very easy to operate  one-handed for above floor and overhead cleaning tasks.

A very unique feature that I like is the Telescoping Wand feature that allows you to adjust it to fit your arm length and height. By simply pressing the spring-loaded tab it extends out to 29 inches or collapses to 19 ¼ inches. This is especially helpful when you want to vacuum stairs or for storage.

Or, extend it out to the full length and increases the overall length of the SSV Elite to 48 inches for overhead cleaning. This will enable even a 5 foot person to easily reach a 10 foot high ceiling fan blade, vent, or cob webs without having to use a step stool or ladder.

Changing Tools and Floor Brushes

Something that I didn’t care for about the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete Cordless is where the latches for the tools, wand, and floor brushes are located. Most cordless stick vacuums I have reviewed are designed with the latch/release mechanisms located on the actual attachment itself. This arrangement allows the operator to hold the machine by the handle with their dominant hand while using the other hand to grip the attachment and press the release tap while pulling apart.

The latches on the Kenmore Elite SSV are located on the receiver (where the wand plugs in to the vacuum body) and on the lower end of the wand. This arrangement requires the operator to change their grip from the handle to the receiver or lower end of the wand to be able to press the release tab while pulling the attachment off with the other hand.

After a few hours of operating the Kenmore Elite SSV I found this to be less of an issue than it was when I started.  I had developed a habit of doing it the opposite way. This represents a convenience issue that I feel the designers should address on future models.the dust cup of the Kenmore Elite SSV 2 in 1 Complete Cordless Vacuum features a telescoping wand is well designed

Dust Cup Design

The dust cup and emptying system are well thought out. Most cordless stick vacuums have a trap door attached to the plastic dust cup with a flimsy plastic hinge. This arrangement leaves the hinge vulnerable and subject to breakage if it is dropped. The Kenmore Elite SSV dust cup trap door is integral with the bottom of the main body with a substantial flush hinge. This eliminates the possibility of breakage from dropping.

Another feature I like about the dust cup is the way the trap door is released. There is a button located on the left side of the battery compartment, and when you press it the spring-loaded trap door pops open and lets the contents drop out.

The only time I encountered the contents sticking to the cyclonic apparatus is when I exceeded the Full Level clearly indicated on the dust cup.  It was only the hair clippings that actually got stuck and required the assistance of a handy Popsicle stick.

The filter compartment is located on the top and is easily accessible for filter cleaning and replacement.


The Kenmore Elite SSV DS6028 is equipped with LED Headlamps located on both floor nozzle cleaning heads. I found them to be helpful for being able to see where the dirt is, especially in dimly lit rooms.Kenmore Elite SSV includes hard floor nozzle and carpet nozzle with led dirt sensor

LED Dirt Sensing Technology

The carpet floor nozzle is equipped with an LED sensor that detects when dirt is being sucked into the nozzle. When dirt passes the sensor the LED located on top of the floor nozzle illuminates.

While testing and doing actual cleaning with the Kenmore Elite SSV DS6028 I found this feature to be quite helpful.  Traditionally, we run our vacuum cleaners over the carpet and try and cover every square inch, assuming we are getting it clean.  Any dirt that’s below the surface of the pile simply isn’t visible.  The LED Dirt Sensor on the SSV DS6028 lets you know if there is any hidden dirt still in the carpet so you can give it another pass until the LED isn’t lit.

2-in-1 Vacuum Versatility

Kenmore Elite SSV with 2 in 1 handheld vacuum featureLike almost all cordless stick vacuums the Kenmore Elite SSV DS6028 easily converts to a powerful handheld vacuum. I found that it very handy for cleaning shelves using the included combo dusting/crevice tool.

With the Pet PowerMate motorized tool installed if was able to easily clean upholstery. Because of the somewhat long bristles I didn’t find it as effective for cleaning carpeted stairs. I did find that using the full-size carpet Floor Nozzle in the handheld mode made easy and fast work of cleaning stairs.

User Friendliness and Functionality Score 4/5


The Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete Cordless Vacuum utilizes a slide switch located on the topKenmore Elite SSV cordless stick vacuum with 3 position slide switch and battery level indicator of the handle. You simply press it upward to the first position for on and Low suction or the second position for High. The vacuum motor remains on until you slide the switch to the Off position.

I found that this arrangement to work well once I got the hang of it.  The Low and High positions are somewhat close together making it easy to push it all the way up to the High position.

Suction Power

Kenmore Elite SSV tested at 42 inches of water lift on high settingThe Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 draws 11.5 amps from the 25.2 volt battery on the High setting.

I measured the actual suction to be 42.0 inches of water lift (WL) on high and 20.5 inches on low suction setting.  These suction ratings are in the upper tier compared to other top-rated cordless stick vacuums.

NOTE:  Throughout my testing and general operation of the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete I found the Low setting to be sufficient for cleaning hard floors and low to medium carpet and area rugs. I only used High suction for testing on heavy media such as aquarium gravel on medium pile carpet.

Suction Power Score 4/5


Kenmore Elite SSV with easy filter accessThe Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 is equipped with HEPA-Level Filtration that traps 99.97% of allergy-triggering particulates as tiny as 0.3 microns. There filtration system is sealed so that fine dust such as pollen, pet and human dander, dust mites, and mold spores are captured in the filter media instead of being blown back into the air you breathe.

The HEPA media and the Pre Motor sponge filter are easily accessible from the top of the machine for cleaning and changing.  No tools or special instructions are required

Filtration Score 5/5

Run Time

According to manufacture’s specs the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 will operate up to 30 minutes on a fully charged battery.

Low Power Run Time

During my review testing I never actually exhausted the battery. For most of my testing I used the Low power setting with a motorized tool.  I timed the run time at 26.5 minutes while the machine was static which is probably what you would experience on hard floors.  Carpet will cause the brush roll motor to labor harder, using more energy that when used on hard floors.

High Power Run Time

Using the High power setting would probably cut the run time to around 12 minutes.  However, you should only need the High setting for short bursts to clean really tough areas.  Actual run time will vary depending on the type of surfaces you are cleaning.

Most of the top brand cordless stick vacuums in this price range have an average run time of approx. 25 minutes.

Although 30 minutes is enough time to accomplish most day to day cleaning tasks, a longer run time would be more desirable.  Since the battery pack is operator removable, an optional 2nd battery pack would double the run time up to 60 minutes.

NOTE: At the time of this writing I don’t know when extra battery packs will be available.  When they are, I will update this article.

Run time Score 3.5/5

Battery and Charging

The Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 DS6028 is designed with a user removable battery pack that can be charged while in the Kenmore Elite SSV enables flexible chargingvacuum or remotely.

The included wall mount can be used as both a docking and charging station. This enables you to automatically charge the vacuum while it is docked. Or, if you prefer the removable charging module can be set on a shelf, counter top, or floor for charging the battery pack.

Actual charging the first time will take up to 5 hours and after that

After the first initial charging the battery will take up to 3 hours to fully recharge.

Battery and Charging Score 5/5

Easy Cut Feature

Long hair has always presented a problem for vacuum cleaners that have a spinning brush roll. With most vacuums it’s necessary to turn the machine upside down and use shears or a sharp knife to cut the entangled hair or threads. This procedure can be time consuming as well as dangerous.

The carpet Floor Nozzle included with the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 is equipped an Easy Cut mechanism that enables you to cut tangled hair or threads with just the touch of a button.

Since no one in my household has long hair, I didn’t actually test the effectiveness of this feature.  I can discern by the design that it should work the way its intended to.

Cleaning Performance

How I Tested the Kenmore Elite SSV

For testing the cleaning performance of the Kenmore Elite SSV Complete DS6028 I used clipped hair, rice, and a mix of coffee, oatmeal, and dry pet food.

I performed all of the testing on both carpet and hard flooring using only the Low Power setting as you will see in the test Video.

I first weighed each media before applying to the floor, and then weighed the contents collected in the dust cup to compare.

Carpet Test Results

Using the Carpet Nozzle on medium pile carpet the Kenmore Elite SSV removed 96% of trampled down rice with several passes using the Low power setting.

100% of clipped hair was removed.  The mixture of coffee, oatmeal, and dry pet food was easily removed with only a couple passes.

The Carpet Nozzle with the stiff bristles groomed the carpet pile.  This is an important benefit that helps reduce carpet wear and allows air to circulate around the pile which helps prevent mildew and mold from forming.

Hard Floors

Using the Hard Floor Nozzle the Elite SSV DS6028 easily removed 100% of rice and the mixture from hardwood flooring. There was no kicking or slinging of the rice granules or the dry pet food.

Overall Score for Cleaning Performance 4.5/5

Watch this Test Video!

NOTE:  The audio in this video is not an accurate representation of the actual sound of the product.
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  • 25.2 Volt Lithium-ion Battery: User removable for flexible charging, and Charge Level Indicator on vacuum handle
  • Carpet Nozzle: The Carpet Nozzle brush roll has stiff bristles for aggressive cleaning of carpet pile. EasyCut feature cuts tangled hair from brushroll w/ press of button. LED Dirt Sensor lets you know when dirt is detected
  • Hard Floor Nozzle: Equipped with soft microfiber bristles for a gentle dust mop effect and complete large debris removal
  • Easy Empty Dust Cup:  1.66 dry cup (.4 liters) capacity, specially designed to protect the trap door from breakage
  • LED Headlamps: Lights up the floor so you can see where the dirt is hiding
  • Swivel Steering: Turn on dime maneuverability lets you steer around obstacles
  • Light Weight: 6.0 lbs. fully assembled for tireless operation and one hand overhead cleaning
  • Detachable Hand Vacuum: Easily clean furniture, stairs, shelves, and hard to reach areas with the combo brush/crevice tool
  • Motorized Pet PowerMate: Perfect for cleaning pet hair and dirt from carpeted stairs, pet bedding and upholstery
  • HEPA Filtration: Easily removable and washable HEPA media traps 99.97% of find dust, pet dander, pollen, and dust mites
  • Telescoping Wand: Extends out to 29 inches to reach those high up ceiling fan blades, cob webs, vents, and other above-floor areas.
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty


The Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 is easy to maintain. The filters are very easy to access from the top of the housing. This should be done periodically according to the Operator’s Manual to maintain maximum suction.

The Floor Nozzles have release/lock tabs so you can easily remove the brush rolls for cleaning and removing any carpet fiber build-up around the journals.

Main Specs

  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.10″ x 10.20″ x 51.30″
  • Weight: 6.0 lbs fully assembled
  • Battery:  25.2V lithium-ion
  • Charge Time:  Approx. 3.5 hours
  • Suction Rating:  42″ WL (water lift) High setting.  20.5″ Low
  • Filtration:  Sealed HEPA
  • Dirt Disposal:  Bagless
  • Approx. Run Time:  30 min. on Low setting w/ motorized tool.  12 min. on High
  • Dust Cup Capacity:  1.66 dry cups (.4 liters)


  • Strong cleaning performance
  • Extension wand adjusts for reach
  • Flexible charging system
  • HEPA Filtration is 99.97% effective
  • Long Hair Cut feature
  • Easy to empty dust cup


  • Not freestanding
  • Tool release tabs inconveniently located

My Thoughts and Recommendation

Kenmore Elite SSV 2 in 1 Complete Cordless Vacuum review
Overall, I like the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 Cordless Vacuum.  I enjoyed reviewing it and once I got use to the features its easy and comfortable to operate.  It has a lot of good features that are typically only found on vacuum models costing twice as much which makes it very attractive.

What About Customer Reviews?

The Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 Cordless was released in the Summer of 2019 without much fan fare.  Home Depot was the first to offer this product and currently it has a 92% customer review rating. The only issue is that it is about $20 more expensive at that retailer than it is at Amazon or Walmart that have no reviews at this time.


This product is well-suited for for day to day cleaning, although it would not replace a full-size upright plug in vacuum as a primary vacuum – except for small smaller homes with one or two people.

The cleaning performance is very good on hard floors and low to medium pile carpet.  I am especially impressed with the dust cup easy empty feature.  Its one of the best designs available.  Overall, the Elite SSV DS6028 is one of the best cordless vacuums for hardwood floors I have reviewed.

It will clean high pile carpet using the High power setting but the battery would be exhausted quickly.  The actual usability of this product is very good.


Personally, I found the quality of the Kenmore Elite SSV to be good compared to other stick vacuums I have reviewed.


It’s my believe that this product represents good value at the current price point of below $250.  The Kenmore Elite SSV comes with a whole lot of features usually only found on cordless stick vacuums costing $350 and up.

Who Should Buy the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete Cordless Vacuum?

The Kenmore Elite SSV is ideal for the person who has multiple floor surfaces in their home and wants the convenience of cord-free operation.  The Motorized Pet PowerMate attachment makes it a good choice for anyone who shares their home with a cat or dog that sheds.

For someone who is looking for an excellent cordless pet hair vacuum, an alternative to consider is the Shark Rocket Pet Pro Cordless (IZ162H) for just a few dollars more. It has similar features but has a longer run time than the Kenmore DS6028.  It does NOT have a motorized pet tool, HEPA Filtration, or an expandable wand.

Also SEE:  Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

Also, if you or someone in your household suffers with a respiratory illness, the HEPA-Level Filtration makes this product an excellent option to consider . The Telescoping Wand feature makes the Kenmore Elite SSV 2-in-1 Complete DS6028 cordless vacuum is a very good choice for someone with high ceilings.

I recommend this vacuum!

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