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Hi, my name is Will Marcus and I love helping people find the best vacuum cleaner for their home!

My goal is to assist you by providing reliable and up-to-date information for selecting the best vacuum cleaner and floor care products.
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A few years ago I was inspired by my carpet cleaning customers to start a website to be able to provide helpful information for people shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. I always believed it was part of my job as a floor care pro to help educate my customers as to how to care for their floors and which products work best.

In my experience, the qualities that make up the best vacuum cleaner are Performance, User-Friendliness, Functionality, Build Quality, and Overall Value.

Primary Function of a Vacuum Cleaner

As an IICRC Certified floor care professional, each time I start a carpet cleaning job for a new customer, I always observe the condition of the carpet while running my vacuum cleaner (A thorough vacuuming is the first operation in performing a professional carpet cleaning job.)

The primary function of a vacuum cleaner is to remove as much loose gritty dirt, debris, and hair from your home as possible. (A carpet cleaning extractor machine is intended to remove deep ground-in dirt, oils, and staining.)  Its that gritty dirt that damages your carpet’s fibers, causing shading and actually cutting the fibers.

If I observe an excessive amount of loose dirt in my customer’s carpet I feel a responsibility to point it out to my customer and offer some info that will help them do a better job of keeping their carpet clean on a day to day basis. And that job depends on having the best vacuum cleaner for their particular flooring situation.

Important Issues to Consider when Selecting a Vacuum Cleaner

I have been an animal lover all my life and have almost always had pets in my home – pets that include cats, dogs, and birds. But pets that shed hair present an even more difficult challenge for a vacuum cleaner. Finding the Best Pet Hair Vacuum is essential if you share your home with a cat or dog.

If you or someone in your home are unfortunate to suffer with allergies or other respiratory issues you want a vacuum cleaner with the best possible filtration system to trap those nasty offenders.

Not only is your carpet a catch-all for unwanted dirt and debris but it also serves as a giant filter which does a pretty good job of capturing many types of allergens including dust mites, pollens, pet dander, mold and mildew. That is actually a good thing!

However, stirring up these culprits while cleaning could trigger an allergic event. Not a good thing! That’s why it’s important to select a vacuum cleaner equipped with a Sealed HEPA Filtration System that will trap up to 99.9% of allergens.

Of course there are other issues to consider such as your physical ability, storage, and portability.

Information Overload!!

so much information

I fully understand how easy it is easy to develop “Information Overload” while researching vacuum cleaners. There are just so many models to choose from.

On the pages of this website you will find only top-rated, tried-and-proven vacuum models that have been carefully tested, researched, and reviewed.

I provide Side-by-Side Comparissons so you can compare features of similar vacuums to help make your selection even easier.

You will find most types of vacuum cleaners reviewed and recommended here that include bagged and bagless uprights, canister, stick, hand-held, and cordless vacuums from the top manufactures.